Best car accessories you could have in 2018

If you love cars and want to know everything about new gadgets and accessories, you should read this post to discover some of the best additions you could have this year and put your car at its best. The most important thing of this list is that you actually may need the following gadgets and take advantages from all of them.

  1. Bestek Jump Starter. This one might be the best one on the list and the most efficient. Jumper cables are functional anytime you have another car to help you out. However, if you’re alone in a dessert and you don’t see any vehicle near you, the self-powered Bestek is a must have. You can forget about depending on another to jump start your car battery. Also, you can count on two USB ports and a flashlight. Price: $60.
  2. If you get into an accident and you should prove who is responsible, the dashcam is the gadget you’ll need. Not only you’ll have the opportunity to shoot a nice drive, but also can be really handy in misfortune moments. The camera can film 30 frames per second and switch automatically when you turn on your vehicle and same when you switch off. Price: $106
  3. Smartphone mount. This one is well-known but you might not know its relevance. If you use your phone frequently even when your drive for navigating any direction, you’ll be happy with this accessory. You’ll have the chance to place your phone in the most comfortable spot and you’ll not have to look down anymore. The iOttie holder is a great choice and your driving will be less stressful than ever. Price: $20.
  4. Bluetooth gadget. Your car doesn’t have Bluetooth? Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new model for enjoying this option. With the Belkin’s Bluetooth car kit, you can easily connect your smartphone and play your favorite music and make some calls whenever you need. Price: $40.
  5. Maxboost USB charger. Nowadays when we have so many devices, the ports of our car may be insufficient. To solve this situation, you just need to buy the Maxboost USB for having an extra pair of ports. You never know when you’ll need them! Price: $10.
  6. Smart car adapter. This one is a must-have! With the “Automatic” car adapter you’ll be able to diagnose any engine problems, display your routes histories, your parking spots and even help you to call for help if you need it. The device you can pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it will be used anytime you’re on a trip. Price: $73.
  7. Radar detector. If you love to speed up more than allowed, you should have one of this. With this gadget, you’ll know any possible traps you could find on the way. One of the highest rated radars is the Escort Passport 9500ix, is an expensive one but if you break the law frequently you may save more money in the future. Needless to say, you should know that the best option is not speeding, be responsible! Price: $300.
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