Car Wraps 101

Car Wraps 101 – All You Need To Know About Wrapping Your Car

Car wraps have quickly revolutionized the mobile advertising sector. They are sometimes referred to as mobile billboards. The wraps are decals with graphics applied directly on the car to change its appearance. The decals or labels are temporary fixtures that can be removed and have the vehicle back to its originals paint color.

What Is A Car Wrap?

The wraps are often vinyl signs or decals used to wrap or cover sections or entire surfaces of vehicles. The earlier version of wrapping was done using actual paint but this has been modernized to the use of magnetized vinyl signs. The decals have graphics printed on the surface and then laminated to protect the vinyl and the graphics from UV rays and abrasions.

How Is The Wrapping Done?

The wraps are often placed on sections of the car that are visible. Such sections include the truck, the hood, and the doors. The car roof is considered to have the least visual effect. Vehicle wrapping can either be a full wrap or a partial wrap. A partial wrap can have one part of the car wrapped, half of the vehicle, or a third of the vehicle wrapped. A full wrap entail a complete covering of the vehicle though the roof can at time be excluded.

What Do Wraps Do?

As mentioned, car wraps are mainly used for advertising purposes. Often, wrapping is done or van, buses, and large truck though salons and other small cars can also get wraps. The objective of wrapping is to have a low cost advertising strategy that ensures the intended message gain a big coverage.  Wrapping is often considered by private businesses that have a fleet of vehicles. They choose to wrap their cars to advertise their business. Alternatively, some private vehicle owner allow their cars to be wrapped and used and advertising platforms but for a fee, of course.

Vehicle wrapping has gone mainstream to a point where single color wraps are the new way of giving vehicles a short-term color change.  AZ Car Wraps is the leader in Phoenix for color change wraps. The single color or solid color wraps have gained popularity more so because they are designed to easily blend in with the car’s original color paint especially in sections that the wrap may not cover such as the door seams. Nevertheless, today’s wrapping technology make it possible to do fine detailed wrapping to even parts such as door handles.

How Much Do Car Wrapping Cost?

The cost of wrapping a vehicle depends on several factors. The first thing to factor in is the type of brand to be used. The top car wrapping brands are Arion, 3M, Avery, and Orascal. Here are the main elements that determine the cost:

  • The graphic design for the vinyl decal
  • The size of the vehicle to be wrapped
  • The condition of the vehicle’s surface
  • The type of vehicle wrap brand preferred
  • The nature or structural flow of the vehicles surface
  • How long the wrap should stay on the car

With such issues among others factored in, full car wraps can cost between $2,500 and $3,500. Prices can go lower if the wrapping is partial or the graphic details or not complex.