2018 Wrapstar Auto Show

2018 Wrapstar Auto Show

We’re excited to announce the start of ticket sales for the 2018 Wrapstar Auto Show, hosted by the expert technicians at Avery Vehicle Services, on November 28, 2018 at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.  Doors open at 8 AM and the events ends at 9 PM. You must have a pre-registered ticket for entry at the front gate.  Please be advised that bags of any kind, food, and drink will not be allowed.  Security will be tight this year, so be prepared to wait in line for 15 minutes minimum.

Our History

Ever since the inaugural car show in 2012, our raving fans have been blasting our social media feed and email account with requests to host the show semi-annually instead of yearly.  For now, we’re keeping it as it is, but we’ll consider it in the future.

When we came out to the Phoenix arena in 2012 for the first show, we didn’t know what to expect.  We had invited around 2,500 car enthusiasts from our exclusive email list and also run a couple Facebook campaigns across the United States mainland trying to drum up some interest.  We didn’t plan for the 7,000 plus auto fans that showed up, but thankfully the space we rented out was able to hold everyone.  The 2-day event was wildly successful with more than 75 vendors from 17 different states traveling in to showcase their merchandise and show off their best wrapped cars.  Over the weekend, we handed out more than $100,000 in prizes, and this year, we’re going to top it!

2018 Wrap Star Auto Show Will Be Huge!

This year, in 2018, we’re going bigger.  Our new host city for the 2018 Wrap Star Auto Show is Albany, New York with the Pepsi Arena, now called the Times Union Center, as the location.  Our line-up is impressive because we’re featuring 123 vendors from as far away as California.  We’ve even got vendors flying in from outside the states to be there for this momentous occasion.

When the doors open at 8:00 on November 28, our special guests will be greeted by the beautiful Avery Auto Girls and led to the center stage for a live musical performance by local Albany artists.  Featuring a mix of 90’s pop and punk rock, ticket holders will be able to enjoy free drinks and food on us for the duration of the performance.  At 9:30 sharp, doors to the main room will open and guests will be free to roam the area and check out the car wrap work of 70 different artists.  Merchandise is available at the booths surrounding the event and all pre-registered guests will receive a free t-shirt and a 10% discount for pre-ordering their tickets.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thank you to our main sponsor Perfect Pave, the leading provider of asphalt paving services in Albany, New York.  We also want to thank our countless secondary sponsors and volunteers for their donations and support.  We couldn’t run a successful event like this without you.

Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchase online or at the local box office.

Event Details:

2018 Wrapstar Auto Show hosted by Avery Vehicle Services
8:00 AM – 9:00 PM on November 28, 2018
Casual Dress code
Street parking available. VIP parking $30 per car.



Top Car Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Though we might not think about it, we are gradually moving towards the golden era of cars and its high-end technologies. When it comes to cutting-edge car technology, the year 2018 is by far the most leading and advanced in this era. Unlike the rocket-inspired car models of the 1960s, the cars of the current, as well as next generations, are aimed at offering highly promising and advanced versions of the trendiest technologies and high-end features.

Cars have changed a lot in the recent times with respect to the overall appearance, technical specifications, demands of the users, and so more. Here are some of the top car trends that you can look up to in the year 2018 and years ahead:

  • The Rise of the SUV Look: Nowadays, almost every mainstream car manufacturing company aims at presenting a distinctive SUV or crossover lineup in its car range. The influence of this aesthetic trend has been observed in most of the latest car models with more of them resembling the SUV design specifications. For instance, the estate cars tend to offer a highly rugged version featuring extra body cladding and raised suspension. You can also observe a rapid change in the lighting technology of today’s cars. Headlights nowadays are being used as stylish elements with LED lighting to enhance the overall feel.


  • Enhanced Use of Personalized Navigation Systems: There are higher chances that if you have recently visited somewhere in your car of the latest model, you must have utilized the built-in navigation system for the ease of getting to your destination. Whether it was the built-in system or an app in your smartphone, the drivers nowadays are relying heavily on the personalized navigation systems to find addresses accurately, explore new places, and get an idea of the new locations. In the upcoming years, more car manufacturers will be installing the built-in personalized navigation systems in the car models for enhanced user experience.


  • Rise of the Electric Cars: Owing to the increasing pollution levels and global warming, most of the car manufacturing companies are going “green” towards reducing the overall carbon footprints. On pretext of the same, these companies have laid out several high-end models of the electric cars. In addition to causing minimal to no pollution, these electric cars also help saving a lot on the high fuel prices. There are several specialized electric car models that are out in the automobile markets of the world.


  • Autonomous Vehicles: Also referred to as the “driverless cars”, the autonomous vehicles are known for their ability to sense the given environment and navigate obstacles without the need for a real driver. This technology is still under the development phase by several leading car manufacturing companies and will come handy for those who wish to travel long distances and yet enjoy the traveling experience without getting exhausted.


Look out for the best car technology trends in the recent times!

The Miracle Startup: Tesla Motors

The last known motor company to launch and be successful at their enterprise was Ford Motor Company in the year 1956. It was such a surprise then that a young company that launched in the year 2010 managed to break through such an established market. Tesla Motors, more commonly known as Tesla, has been quite victorious in seizing the interest of the public with its goal to hasten the transition from gas guzzling machines to more sustainable means.
Sustainability is the goal that so many motor companies seem to falter at. Yet it was a concept that one Martin Eberhard and one March Tarpenning held on to and acted upon in the year of 2003. The company they founded specialized in designing, producing and manufacturing electric cars that are geared to be more affordable to the every day consumer. Eberhard served as Tesla’s chief executive officer (CEO) while Tarpenning was the chief financial officer (CFO). The leadership mantle of CEO has since transferred to Elon Musk, a man also known for co-founding PayPal.
It was on June 29, 2010 that Tesla Motors launched its initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The IPO launching accumulated over $225 million USD for the company.
The flagship launch of Tesla introduced the world to the Tesla Roadster, a completely electric sports car. The first highway-legal electric car, it made use of lithium-ion battery cells (like the one used in laptops and cell phones) and clocked a whopping 394 km on a single charge. What captured the world’s imagination was the fact that this all-electric car produced no tailpipe emissions. It seems as though the possibility of transitioning to sustainable energy was no longer just a pipedream. Accordingly, it became a roaring success and Tesla was able to sell more than 2,400 Roadsters during the time of its production. Sadly, the production of the Tesla Roadster halted in the year 2012 as Tesla’s primary focus shifted on the development and production of Tesla’s newer car model: the Model S sedan.
Tesla Motors’ Model S sedan gained widespread praise for its performance and design after its production and deliveries to retail distributors in 2012. Also in the year 2012, Tesla established stations that they called Superchargers in several states in the US and key locations in Europe specifically for the purpose of charging batteries swiftly and at no extra cost for those who purchased Tesla units. Supercharger is a trademarked direct current technology that provides units up to 120 kWH per car. Tesla’s Supercharger network now links several mainstay routes in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.
By the year 2014, Tesla had half the market value of Ford Motors. While Tesla Motors was founded in San Carlos, California, its headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California. Since its foundation, Tesla has gone on to partner with several other manufacturing giants like Daimler, Toyota, and others. It still operates as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), something that was unusual compared to the other manufacturers. In the same year of 2014, Tesla had announced that it would establish what they called a “GigaFactory”. The $5 Billion plant is aiming to reduce the battery cost of Tesla units by 25-30%. The GigaFactory is a co-project with Panasonic which also specializes in battery research and development.
Of course it hasn’t been a ride full of rainbows for Tesla. They’ve had their share of controversies and lawsuits through the years. One of the more early disputes occurred in 2008 where Tesla Motors had sued Fisker Automotive regarding information leakage and theft of confidential designs. However, it was later announced that an arbiter had found the dispute in favor of Frisker. Tesla issued a statement that it would no longer pursue the issue. The year 2009 saw a sort of family spat as there was a founder dispute. Eberhard had filed a suit against Tesla and Musk for slander, breach of contract, and libel. Eberhard later withdrew the case and parties involved reached an amicable final settlement. The year of 2015 saw the website of Tesla to be compromised and defaced. Around the same time, Tesla’s Twitter account was momentarily compromised.
Regardless of the troubles it has seen, which, includes a dip in the net income in the year 2015, Tesla’s assets and equity remain on an upward trend. This year, Tesla employs more than 14,000 people worldwide. What the world is now waiting for is the opening of Tesla’s GigaFactory in the year 2020.