An old car is often referred to as a decrepit car. It may have reached a point where the expense of maintaining it outweighs the value of keeping it. Due to age, neglect, and damage, the car is generally abandoned or stripped apart; however, one can choose to risk the expense and make it appear new. The following are some of the ways of making it look new.


  1. Make a plan before handling the car. It is an excellent idea to create an overall strategy, consider the way each of your upgrades will affect each other. Some aesthetic changes will clash against each other. Even worse can run out of space to fit all the pieces on your car. Run all the ideas past a car expert before making any financial commitments on it.


  1. Paint your car. A fresh coat of paint is considered the most transformative thing you can do to a car’s appearance. It can be painted with specialized sprays while still in the garage. Due to the value of the vehicle, it is important to be slow and consistent with your paint. Car modification while in the garage can offer more intense jobs with graphics like flames. These are very stylized, but make sure your car model is worth of the flair before you commit to something flashy.


  1. Get tinted windows. These windows {give the car a new look and } adds the first-class essence to the vehicle. The mystery factor and the privacy of tinted windows can make even an average car look posh by comparison. However, by replacing original parts, you may void your car’s warranty. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer before proceeding.


  1. Replace your heads and taillights. Heads and taillights draw attention as they are designed to be reflective. Make sure your taillights modifications are road-friendly. Although you can change your car’s look by replacing the lights on it, you must make sure they are by the road regulations.


  1. Change the seats and tires. For a fashionable touch, replace the seats with leather seats or any other material as you see fit. Do not forget to change tires to increase the functionality of the vehicle while driving.


  1. Add a spoiler to the back of your car. That gives the automobile the visual impression that is fast enough to need some aerodynamic support. The mechanic specialist may be able to direct you to a spoiler especially suited for the car you are adjusting.


  1. Give your car a hydraulic suspension rig. With hydraulics, you can boost your car suspension and make it “dance.” Hydrology is a significant part of the car modders culture and is preferred on cars with low suspension called low-riders.


  1. There are other unforgettable ways like; upgrading the stereo system, lowering the car suspension to make it look sleeker. Reprogramming the car’s Engine Control Unit, improving the exhaust and gaging the vehicles modding potential.


By following all those ways described above, the formerly old and scrappy car appears to be a new car.





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