How to Take Care of Your Car Like a Pro

Have you recently bought a new car? One of the best qualities of modern-day cars is that they need require much less maintenance in comparison to traditional car models. The introduction of the electronic ignition has given away the need for condenser and points. Suspensions, chassis, and even transmissions have been lubed to last for a lifetime. Moreover, the factory-run warranties are usually six years or longer when it comes to buying the new-generation car models. To add it all, reliability has also improved significantly.

If you wish to ensure the best for your brand-new car, here are some additional tips:

  • Check the Engine Oil Frequently: If you wish to ensure the best condition for your vehicle, keep checking the engine oil every now & then. Moreover, if you come across any major oil leaks or you feel the need to add oil frequently, then you must keep a check on the engine oil of your car. To get accurate dipstick reading of the car’s engine oil, your vehicle must be parked on the ground level. Do not go for over-filling your car. If you do observe any leak, fix it as soon as possible.


  • Check the Tires for Air Pressure: Usually once a month or before any extended road trip, you must check into the tires of your vehicle to determine the air pressure accurately. Make use of some high-quality tire-pressure gauge for checking the inflation pressure in each side of the tires along with the spare. Try doing this when the tires of your car are cold. In addition to this, you should also make sure that there are no wear or tear, small cuts or bulges on either side of the tires.


  • Wash the Car Often: Try washing your car every week. Wash its entire body. If necessary, you can hose out the undercarriages and the fender wells to remove all the dirt & road salt. When the water beads while washing your car become larger than the size of a quarter, it is time for you to consider waxing the exterior finish of the car.


  • Inspect the Exhaust System: If you wish to go for making under-car inspections, then you must look out for rusted-through parts of the exhaust that might need replacement. Try to tighten the loosened clamps as well. You should also listen to the sound of the exhaust while you are driving to observe any changes. It is generally recommended to replace the entire car’s exhaust system than to go for repairing bits & parts of it every now & then.


  • Check the Brakes: The braking setup of your car must be top-notch at all times. To ensure that the brakes are in the perfect working condition, you must get them checked at least twice a year by professional car repair service providers.

Ensure the best for your car by taking care of these steps towards maintaining your car at its best condition!

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