The Future of Cars As We Know It

We’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2017 and already we’re faced with some pretty interesting car concepts. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show wrapped up recently and we were treated to some eye-popping concept cars!

It’s looking more and more obvious that the future is leaning towards ‘futuristic’ looking cars that often border or the absurd. One of whic is the Italdesign’s collaboration with Airbus called Pop.Up.

Yes, that is what it’s going to be called. It’s a modular, multimodal commuter pod that can be self-driven on the ground, lifted into the air by a self-driving multicopter, or dropped into a mass transportation system. It’s goal is to get occupants (just two) from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

While it sounds all fancy and sparkly, realistically speaking, how is this to be applied with the current motorways and mass transportation systems we currently have in place? What is it going to run on?

Since the trend is going on more ecologically sustainable, it’s best to assume that it’s going to run on electricity much like Tesla.

Other car concepts were the Rinspeed’s Oasis car. It’s called that because it literally has a garden within the vehicle. Yes, complete with Bonsai trees and radishes. Another two seater car with a massive touchscreen display from Harman which comes with voice and gesture control.

Rinspeed envisions the Oasis car used on a ride-sharing setting where a person can select passengers to ride through a Tinder-like app.

To be honest, I don’t see much of a future for that type of vehicle other than a short-lived hype. As it’s only a two person car and the designer wants a Tinder like app for it, you’re practically riding a car which screams “HOOK UP WITH ME” or “WE’RE HOOKING UP”.

I don’t know if it’s just me but the car concepts of the future seem to have their heads in the clouds rather than focusing on fixing or bettering the present issues we have right now.

With sustainability as the common goal, car concepts should build around that. Also, they should keep their users in mind. Real living breathing users and not the fables they have in their heads.

Having two-seat cars is not feasible for a family. It’s not even feasible for a single person with a lot of things to lug around for daily things. It’s a little silly and wasteful to utilize brilliant designers and engineers for such concepts when they could be directed toward building better cars to service us now. In the environment we have.

While driverless cars are still the favorite for car manufacturers–with the cutthroat competition to win the race to deliver the first car to the masses–there is still room for other concepts, yes.

However, it would be best if they were grounded in reality since it’s something that we really need at the moment. What new car alternatives can we present for those who run cars that are over 30 years old? What realistic options can we provide for the betterment of all and not just a fancy flight of thought?

The future of cars as we know it are teetering on the edge of great potential or ultimate disaster.

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