Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl Car Wraps: Every Car Owner’s Friend

Any person who’s ever aimed to buy a brand new car will know that the color of the car adds or deducts from the total purchase price. Sometimes, car buyers may even end up having to settle for a color they don’t want. After that comes the saving up funds to get your car repainted into the hue you want. Sounds arduous but thankfully there are now more options available for car owners everywhere! Specifically: Vinyl Car Wraps.

A Vinyl Wrap is basically a giant sticker that you can put on and take off from surfaces with very little difficulty. A Vinyl Car Wrap is an even bigger sticker that can have a specific design or decal for your vehicle. Despite it only being quite popular now, it’s been around for quite a while. It’s been the go-to of most companies for their mobile advertising as it is a lot cheaper than a more permanent space, durable, has the option of being interchanged with other ads, and the application is fairly easy. Luckily for the everyday consumer, technology has advanced sufficiently that vinyl wraps are more affordable to produce. This automatically means that the overall cost of getting a vinyl wrap for your car has gone down significantly.

If you’re looking to use a vinyl wrap for your car, there are several factors you need to consider: make and model of car, how much of your vehicle is going to be wrapped, who’s going to do the wrapping, what design are you aiming to apply, what film type of vinyl will be used, etc.

A partial wrap, of course, would cost less than say a full wrap. A larger car like a truck will cost more compared to an old model of Volkswagen. And it’s not just large vehicles that you can wrap with vinyl; even motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles can be wrapped with vinyl nowadays. The process is fairly simple, the every day consumer can even DIY it themselves. Novice application kits are now being sold on the market for as low as $29. Also, a car owner that knows how to apply, care for, and remove vinyl properly now empower themselves to more opportunities to wrap their vehicle at an even lesser cost. This is why a lot of car lovers now are known to keep changing the vinyl wrap on their cars just for fun.

Partial car wraps, like the one for just the doors, hood, or rear cost as little at $250 to $300—less, if you’re doing the application yourself. Full car wraps can range from around $2000 to $5000.

Considering all this, why would it be a good idea to choose a vinyl car wrap over getting your car repainted? The answer is simple: vinyl car wraps can be removed and changed whenever you want. Also, the different finishes that car enthusiasts usually aim for with a new paint job is now completely doable with a vinyl car wrap. You want a chrome, matte, gloss, or carbon fiber finish? It’s fully achievable now with vinyl. Most people are now growing more aware that vinyl wraps (with proper care) can last pretty long. The average has been noted to be seven to twelve years. Graphic printed upon vinyl wraps aren’t as durable but still last on an average of five to seven years.

If at the moment vinyl car wraps are a bit on the pricey side for you, just waiting a few years can see a dramatic decline in pricing as the technology we have is constantly improving. Most car lovers are pretty happy with vinyl car wraps as it opens up more chances for them to express themselves through the various colors, designs, and types of vinyl currently in the market today.